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Welcome to Borchert Orchards

Fresh and Delicious Fruits Directly from Our Orchard to You

early summer

Strawberries: May 15 - Jun. 30*

Raspberries: Jun. 10 - Jul. 21*

Cherries: Jul. 1 - Jul. 31*

Blueberries: Jul. 8 - Aug. 20*




*General Harvest


late summer

Peaches: Jul. 20 - Sep. 1*

Plums: Jul. 15 - Aug. 15*

late summer to early fall

Pears: Aug. 10 - Aug. 31*

Apples: Aug. 27 - Oct. 15*

*General dates

Support Local Farmers

Borchert Orchards is a family-owned and operated orchard that has been in business since 1917. We are proud to provide fresh fruit to customers throughout the year. Our farm is planted with a variety of fruits, from Strawberries to Currants, and we specialize in growing Apples.

We pride ourselves on providing the freshest fruit possible. We sell directly to our customers, as well as to vendors in the area. Our family has been working hard to maintain our orchard for over 100 years, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers for years to come.

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